Linking Policy
Mena Advertising & Promotion Commission

Policy for Website Listings & Links

The primary goal of the Mena Advertising & Promotion Commission’s website is to increase tourism and economic impact through tourism for the City of Mena.

The Commission may provide name and contact information on its website if:

  • Tourism related
  • Deemed advantageous to the promotion of the City of Mena by the Commission
  • Meets the following criteria:
    • Restaurant and lodging facilities located inside the Mena City Limits.
    • Lodging facilities located outside of Mena but within Polk County or within a 30-mile radius from the City of Mena, and that have been reviewed and approved. All listings outside of Mena are at the total discretion of the website committee. The requests will be reviewed for approval or decline.
    • Tourism related retail businesses in the City of Mena.
    • Tourism related attraction or facility deemed advantageous to the promotion of the area by the Commission.
    • Other federal, state, and local governments, agencies, and/or entities deemed advantageous to the tourism industry.

Name and contact information will be provided as a source of information at no fee. Links will be provided with the requirement that a reciprocal link must be included on your website to the site. If the link is not connected within 10 days, that link will be removed from the Mena A&P web site. The site must not include special programming that “traps” the visitor from returning to the site. If so, the hyperlink will be removed from the Mena A&P site. (*Note: Any web site can link to This policy deals with listings on

The Commission reserves the right to include facilities considered “tourist related” and advantageous to the promotion of tourism (i.e. hotels/motels, restaurants, attractions) that may be outside the scope of the criteria.

Decisions are at the sole discretion of the Mena Advertising and Promotion Commission Website Committee and their decisions shall be final.

Non-Qualifying Listings / Links:

  • No website containing offensive language or pictures that could be
    defined as bad taste will be linked on
  • No political campaign website will be listed or linked on!

Interested parties should direct their questions/information to or call 479-394-8355 . The Website Committee reserves the right to approve all content prior to being posted to site.

Listing information or updates will only be considered if request is made via email to
It is the businesses’ responsibility to notify of any change in name or contact information.